How High Can Normal Kites Fly? (We’ve Got The Answer)

Would you like to know how high your kite can fly? Flying kites is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, and some people take pride when their kites reach new heights. However, even a simple kite can reach an impressive altitude.

In general regular kites fly between 50 and 400 feet above ground level. Still, depending on the length of the line and the size of the kite, it is possible to reach even higher altitudes. The highest-flying kite is known to have reached 4,879.54 meters (16008 feet).                                                                                    

This article will tell you all the inside out about how high kites can fly.

What Is The Highest A Kite Has Ever Flown?

Kites can fly really high, although there are many regulations forbidding people to go above a certain altitude. The highest-flying kite was controlled by Robert Moore in Australia the 23  September 2014. 

He operated a 12 square meter single line kite and reached an altitude of 16,009 ft. The event took place in Cobar, located in New South Wales in Australia. It is still an unbeaten record verified and approved by Guinness World Records.

Mr. Moore is still attempting to get a new world record and fly his kite even higher. His new future target is to reach 20,000 ft with a single kite and 40,000 ft with a train of multiple kites. Moore believes that flying a kite to such altitude is similar to flying a regular kite. The only difference is the length of the line. 

Roger Moore used a 7 mile line to reach his record, predicting that he would need extra length because the line would hang in a curve below the kite on such a long distance. He was helped by a team of people and used special equipment to monitor the event. 

How High Can A Stunt Kite Fly? 

Usually, a kite flies between 250 and 600 ft above ground level. More giant kites with stronger lines can reach higher altitudes. The weather condition plays a significant role in kites reaching a higher height. 

However, in good weather conditions, with a lightweight material, a kite can even reach 25000 ft, while a train of kites can reach up to 40,000 ft. 

In general, kites need a wind range between 4 and 20 mph. But, if you are flying a stunt kite in higher winds, adjusting the bridle attachment point is necessary. 

How High Can A Box Kite Fly?

A box kite is known to fly higher because it can develop a high lift. This type of kite is often used in attempts to beat world records and reach higher altitudes. For example, in Germany, a weather station used this kite in the 1920s to perform their work which needed equipment to go pretty high. 

Box kites are easy to fly, and with a good wind, they do an excellent job in reaching good altitude with a bit of effort, but they are not as stable as other types of kites. 

These kites fly by producing lift with their wings because the air moving through the kite structure creates a pressure difference. 

How High Can You Fly A Kite Legally?

While kites can reach quite some altitude, unfortunately, it is impossible to fly kites above a certain level in many countries because of internal regulations. In addition, each country might have different rules, so you have to verify what they are if you plan to fly a kite on vacation. 

For example, in the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration regulates how high you can fly a kite and even where you can operate it to avoid incidents. It is forbidden to fly a kite more than 150 feet above the surface by law. 

Even if you have a kite that has the potential of reaching 600 ft, you can’t do that in the U.S. There are exceptions. For example, an anchored balloon is allowed to fly higher. 

In that case, you can get special permission to fly higher than 150 ft. But, a kite requires unique categorization for special permission to be granted. 

It is also possible to ask permission to fly a kite over 150 ft previous to the approval of your kiting plans to the nearest Federal Aviation Administration. To be sure of keeping within legality, you can attach a colored pennant to your kite line at 150 ft to see when you are approaching the limit. 

How High Can You Fly A Kite Legally In Australia?

Australia allows people to fly a kite up to 400 ft (122 meters). In Australia, the Australian Civil Aviation Administration manages the regulations for flight. 

They also state that people may not operate a kite unless it is at a distance of 4 km or greater from an airport. 

Australia has other local laws. For example, regulations state flyers may not create noises while flying a kite or disturbing other people, for those flying kites in a city. 

In addition, not all parks allow people to fly a kite. Australia also issued public safety guidelines to follow when flying a kite, similar to those listed below. 

Other Rules To Follow

There are other regulations besides the altitude. For example, you can’t fly a kite in specific locations or near airports. Here is a summary of rules to follow: 

  • You have to be 5 miles away from an airport perimeter
  • You should not fly a kite if the ground visibility is less than 3 miles
  • Your kite should have lights when flying it between sunset and sunrise

Airports are high trafficked areas, and it is easy to create an accident if a kite is flying too high. It can distract pilots, block visibility, or get sucked into an airplane engine. 

In addition, there are other restricted areas to avoid, such as military camps. 

If you fly a kite late in the evening, you can use LED lights to light it and light your kite line. It is a reasonable precaution for you in operating the kite and for others to be aware of its presence. 

Although there are no laws about it, it is common practice to follow safety guidelines. These might include avoiding flying a kite near trees, power lines, when it is raining, or if the wind is too strong. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How high can you fly a kite in the U.K.?

​​Uk allows people to fly a kite under 60 meters from the ground level. Those who want to go higher have to ask permission from the CAA. In addition, there are local regulations regarding flying kites in cities, where it is forbidden to create obstructions or put in danger residents.

How do you fly a kite high?

To make a kite fly high, you have to keep your back to the wind and hold the kite as high as possible. The nose should point straight up. 

The kite should start going up in the sky when you let it go, providing there is wind flowing. Pulling on the line should help a kite climb until the desired position. 

Is flying a kite illegal?

In general, flying a kite is not illegal. But some countries or cities ban the use of kites completely, or in certain areas. In addition, some countries, such as some regions of India, forbid the use of certain types of kites. 

Therefore, one should check allowable flight locations for kite flying and the guidelines to follow in your municipality. 






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