How Does Flying a Kite Make You Feel? The Excitement Of Flying A Kite!

Have you ever tried flying a kite before? Or saw your childhood friends flying one? Perhaps you looked at the sky and wanted to chase it? But one thing is for sure. 

Flying kites is exhilarating and full of adrenaline, even if your feet are on the ground. While it’s a fact that designing and building your kite is challenging, there’s a lot of fun when flying it. 

How Do You Feel When You Fly A Kite?

To answer that question, “How do I feel when I fly a kite?” A blog titled What Is Any describes flying a kite as a feeling of freedom and peace. Stress is relieved along your flying journey and helps clear your mind, making you at ease or in a short state of meditation. (source)

What Is The Excitement In Flying Kites?

You may have heard that flying a kite is a child’s game, not for adults. Kite flying is one of the most underrated activities. The number one reason for this is that you need to build one before flying a kite. But anyway, that’s not another topic for the next time. 

The thing here is that flying a kite boosts your peacefulness and empowers you to be more mindful. Aside from that, successfully flying a kite bring another sense of perspective and a deep feeling of release. Honestly, these are two of the benefits of flying. A Sunshine House Early Learning Academy post elaborated on the four reasons flying a kite benefits kids. (source)

Critical Thinking

Rasmussen University posted on January 22, 2018; Will emphasized the significance of Critical Thinking in every person’s daily life. More so, lacking critical thinking can make or break a person’s career ventures. Will defined critical thinking as the capacity to objectively analyze facts, situations, and problems. 

They are now relating it to flying kites. It is agreeable that flying kites and maneuvering these to soar in the air is quite challenging to some. Thus, the practice and mindset of being challenged pose an excellent brain stimulant to respond to and solve the issue. To sum it up, this is a perfect opportunity for children and adults who want to figure out how to bounce back from problems and hurdles. (source)


You probably have heard from experts that regular exercise is good for your mind and body. In addition, it loses weight if this is your aim. Good news! Flying a kite helps in keeping your healthy body right on track. Kites in the sky, posted on their blog on July 4, 2018, said that the ability to engage in kite flying actively would enable you to move around without the burdening idea of exercise—of course, for those daunted by the looks and feels of exercising. It strengthens your eye and hand coordination and reduces stress from sprinting and running. Kites in the Sky stated that it’s essential to take things in slowly and enjoy and be in the moment. Hence, encourage you to get on your feet and fly a kite! (source)

Social Activity

If you’re the type of person, who tends to cower in a social setting, flying a kite may help alleviate your fear and anxiety in socialization. It is because flying kites usually requires companies. These can be your relatives or your friends. 

Either way, whoever makes you comfortable to enjoy your kite flying journey. But in all essence, kite flying brings people together since this was an everyday activity when families and friends decided to go on picnics or to parks to enjoy their day together. 

If you’re having a problem with how to break the ice with another kite-flying enthusiast or hobbyist, you can try to ask them about how they designed their kites or where they bought them. 

After that, the rest of the conversation will flow smoothly and nicely. The Credi Health expressed how kite-flying activities help catch up with old friends, relatives, and significant people in your life. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” So, don’t fret and try to enjoy each person you meet along the way, but by all means, do it safely! (source)

Stress Reliever

Aside from taking a long hot shower and bath after work, flying kites during the weekends or in your free time help in reducing your stress, which may lead to extreme burnout. Indeed, being an adult demands huge sacrifices, especially if we center our universe on our job. Not that it’s a terrible thing, but laying low and enjoying life as it fuels our passion more. 

In a blog from Physician One Urgent Care, flying a kite reduces the amount of stress on a person. Specifically when watching the kite soar higher on the open skies. The reason is that the mind concentrates on one thing while putting aside all the current issues, either from work or social life. The mind focuses on one thing only: finding joy and fulfillment in being able to fly a kite in the breezy skies. (source

Disconnect to Reconnect

With a snap of our fingers, information and connection are possible. The internet has been a massive help to everyone, especially working adults. Based on the statistics posted on Statista, the average time spent on the internet is estimated to be 170 minutes per capita worldwide, whereas the time spent on social media daily worldwide is 147 minutes. It’s not a big deal to connect with your loved ones through social media. (source)

Too much internet and social media consumption may lead to a passive lifestyle or an undesirable mindset for those who overconsume the internet and social media usage. Based on research from European Parliamentary Research Service published in May 2020, the authors Gianluca and Sophie detailed the adverse side effects of social media and internet overconsumption. Their study highlighted five problems: internet addiction, negative effects on cognition, information overload, unhealthy public/private boundaries, and finally, damaging social relationships and communities. (source)

Internet Addiction

In the studies, lack of control over internet usage decreases active physical and mental well-being. It is also associated with distress, anger, lack of self-control, social withdrawal, and isolation. The more users consume the internet, the more they are at greater risk of suffering from these symptoms. 

Negative Cognition Effects 

This study suggested that children who use the internet for the long term affect their memory, attention span, language development, and critical thinking. 

Information Overload

Too much information results in delayed comprehension of a specific issue or problem, impacting decision-making abilities. In addition, it relates to loss of self-control, being flooded with info, decreasing thinking capacity, and job satisfaction.

Unhealthy Personal and Social Boundaries

The study highlighted a blurred distinction in separating private life from social media. It would result in a lack of privacy, minimized safety, and lower quality of lifestyle that yields broken relationships with loved ones. 

Damaging Social Relationships and Communities

Self-indulging on the internet leads to extreme isolation and loneliness that may influence intimate relationships and unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, frequent online communication can also lead to misinterpretation, lack of trust, and commitment. 

Thus, it’s essential to disconnect to be able to reconnect to nature or with people close to you. The Outdoorosity posted an article that listed kite flying as an activity or recreational that will empower people to connect and engage in their surroundings or nearby nature. 

Nicole added that it’s no surprise that kite flying must be done outside the comforts of your homes, wherein you can look up at the clear skies while feeling the brush of the gentle wind. It will make you feel more grounded and allow you to take a moment of joy. (source)

Little girl having fun flying a kite at beach during sunset

The Benefits Of Being With Nature

In a post from Groovnow, they outlined the seven benefits of being around nature that help boost a good mood and relieve stress when you spend time in nature. By kite-flying, nature surrounds you, and it changes your well-being. Here are the benefits of being around nature due to kite-flying. (source)

Improves Mood

A blog from Taking Charge describes how nature heals, soothes, restores, and connects. One reasonable explanation for this is that our body and senses heighten so that it’s not overwhelming. However, the stress from a hectic environment causes anxiety, helplessness, and sadness, whereas being outdoors and taking in a calm space can reverse these overwhelming and unhealthy emotions. It also lessens blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and decreases the production of stress hormones. (source)

Disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting to nature with kite-flying assistance provides good benefits to your holistic well-being. It’s crucial to maintain a healthy mind and body. 

How To Enjoy Kite Flying? 

If you’re not convinced with the studies and suggestions from the experts, reading these steps on how to enjoy kite flying may help you whether you’re a beginner or just plainly feeling a moment of clarity. Based on The Store Kitty blog, here are the procedures for flying a kite. (source)

Look For An Open Space

Flying a kite involves running or sprinting. So, choose wide or open areas with no obstacles or blocks. Ensure that there are no nearby trees or houses that may put you in danger. 

Keep in mind to choose a place that will not place you and your kite in a hazard. So, watch out for those power lines and glide your kite in safe spaces. 

Check The Weather 

While it’s true that flying a kite in windy weather is favorable and preferable, it’s essential to check the weather forecast to anticipate changes in conditions. In this case, you’ll be ready for what’s to come. You don’t want to coast your kite in bad weather? 

Look Up 

Kite flying demands eye and hand coordination. Therefore, it’s best always to look up the skies and check if your kite is flying at a reasonable speed and not losing its gliding flow. If your eyes are sensitive to light, wear UV protective glasses to protect your eyesight. 

Speaking of protective glasses, don’t forget to bring someone who will alert you to your kite’s condition. You can get a friend or a close relative to guide and assist you on your kite flying journey so that you will not be alone. 

These tips can be helpful to you if you’re having a hard time building up the courage to fly your kite, either with your family or with your friends. 

Why Is Kite Flying Fun? (Testimonials) 

The American Kitefliers Association explained the allure of kite flying in which it creates a simple pleasure that ends with a feeling of delight and happiness. The appeal of kite flying comes from the soaring or the flight itself.

To know more about the charm of flying a kite, here are some of the posts from Quora. (source)

  • In Discovering Kite Flying

Daniel, who emigrated from Morocco when they were eight years old, asked a gentleman a favor. The gentleman told Daniel to fly a kite, and the rest is history. Aside from learning American expressions, he has enjoyed flying rhombuses ever since. (source)

  • In Enjoying Hobbies

Luke said that flying a kite is like any other hobby. It’s either you enjoy it, or you don’t. So, it is better to take your time and try not to force yourself so much. (source)

  • In Making Memories

Katherine narrated her kite flying journey last two years ago. Her boyfriend and kids went to a park and recalled that her boyfriend brought six kites that he stuffed in their car’s trunk. She remembered the feelings of excitement of flying one and never forgot how she enjoyed every moment of flying a kite. 

Her statement, “It was magical and made me feel such joy that I’m pretty sure my insides were smiling.” It is an experience she is truly thankful for and will never forget easily. (source)

  • In Using Good Kites

Matthew advised kite fliers always to bring company if they’re planning to fly a kite. He detailed the importance of strength and height when flying a kite in his comment. It’s equally essential to maintain a reasonable distance wherein the taller and stronger person glides the kite in the air while the other person holds the spool and walks briskly.

To add, investing in quality kites will avoid any damage from the wind. Finally, the spool or string should belong so that the kite can soar higher. (source)

Are Feelings Connected With Kite Flying Worth It?

When you see adults and children frolicking and entertaining themselves with kite flying, the emotions or feelings usually associated with this activity are joy and fulfillment. We can’t blame them since the idea and perspective of kite flying is something to remember and keep in your memories. Several public figures expressed their admirations through sayings, and here’s what they said about kite flying found in Brainy Quote. (source)

Quotes On Kite Flying

  • In Going Against The Wind. Winston Churchill said, “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it. (source)
  • In Being Brave. John Petit-Senn expressed, “True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.” (source)
  • In Restrictions And Freedom. Damien Rice quoted, “A kite needs to be tied down in order to fly. I learned how essential restrictions can sometimes be to experience freedom.” (source)
  • In Flying Higher Like A Kite. Alan Cohen stated, “You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity. Let out a little more string on your kite.” (source)

Final Thoughts

Simply saying, kite flying is good for your mind and body. Additionally, it enables you to connect more to nature and the people around you. You avoid isolating yourself while being copped up on social media. 

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