The 7 Best Stunt Kites

If you’re a big fan of exciting kite tricks, a stunt kite is ideal. In addition, stunt kiting is a skill that needs developing. Of course, there’s no shame in not performing tricks for the first time. It takes a lot of practice to perform and do tricks on air. Nobody’s perfect, but practice can perfect this skill over time. 

The best stunt kites available today are the Prism Kite Technology Synapse, Babyeden Large 84-Inch-Wide Entry, HENGDA KITE-Upgrade Star Rhyme 48 Inch, HQ Kites Symphony Beach III 1.3, REVOLUTION Kites EXP Sport Wing Kite with Reflex Technology, In the Breeze Colorwave, and Prism Quantum.

Stunt kiting is a sport that will test your resilience and perseverance. All stunt kiters did not succeed on their first try. Stunt kiting is generally about aerodynamics—like its air—everything about it is unpredictable. Nevertheless, it’s still a thrilling sport that all stunt kite fliers love to do. 

What Are The Best Stunt Kites For Adults? 

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Stunt kites, like any other kites, have wide varieties to choose from. If you want the short list up fromt, here are the our three stunt kites: 

  1. Prism Kite Technology Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite 
  2. Babyeden Large Dual Line Stunt Kite, 84-Inch-Wide Entry
  3. HENGDA KITE-Upgrade Star Rhyme 48 Inch Dual Line Stunt Kite for Kids and Adults.

For explanations and details on these and an additional 4 kites choices, read on.

What Are The Types Of Stunt Kites?

What’s a better way to determine the best stunt kite for you? Correct! It’s to identify the types of stunt kites. In this way, you’ll know the perfect stunt kite for you. There are essentially four types of stunt kites that you can use to perform and do tricks and pulls. In this section, we’ll fly through the four types of kites. 

There are four types of stunt kites, and these are 

  • Quad Line Kites
  • Dual Line Delta Stunt Kites
  • Dual Line Parafoil Stunt Kites
  • Dual Line Diamond Stunt Kites

Quad Line Kites

Quad line kites are joined together by two kites. These kites are attached side by side. Quad Line Kites have been around for at least 1899. Wilbur Wright, John J. Montgomery, and other aviation pioneers were among the likely inventors of Quad Line Kites. 

Quad line kites have great accuracy, hover orientation, fly sideways, reverse function, and land on a specific spot on a wingtip. These kites are connected with two extra lines that enable a range of navigation. With that, you can perform tricks like axis spins and hover tricks. Of course, perfecting these tricks and spins should be practiced consistently. 

Don’t twist your pants about the quad lines. It doesn’t mean you need an extra pair of hands and arms to fly quad line kites. These kites have two lines in each grip—as mentioned previously. When flying quad lines, it looks like a helicopter in the sky. 

Dual Line Delta Stunt Kites

Have you ever seen or flown a hand-glider?

If you have, the dual-line delta stunt kites are inspired by this design. These kites have the main spar and two leading-edge spars. The fabric is stretched between the leading-edge spars. Keeping the kite’s shapes should at least include two or three horizontal spreaders. 

Like the delta kite, a dual delta stunt kite is shaped like a triangle. It also mimicked a bird-like design with scalloped wings. These kites have two lines that allow the kite-flier to move the kites from left to right while flying. 

Dual deltas are led-operated. It ensures you can fly your dual deltas up in the dark skies. Now, you can enjoy kite flying late in the evening. Dual deltas can be flown in any pattern and direction—an excellent way to practice tricks and maneuvering control. 

Dual Line Parafoil Stunt Kites

Parafoil kites were invented in the early 60s. These kites have an upper and lower surface. Think of a parafoil kite as parachutes. Way back, many believed that Domina Jalbert designed the parafoil kite. 

A parafoil kite has an upper and lower surface which is what para means. The parafoil’s cells are sewn between the two surfaces. These surfaces are filled with air and form shapes to allow them to fly. This dual-line parafoil has opening cells in the top leading edge, generating air pressure. As a result, the parafoil can take flight. 

Dual-line parafoil stunt kites have a sophisticated bridling system designed to form the proper shape. The aerodynamics of the foil supports the parafoil’s angles and wind pick-up. The bridling system provides more stable and efficient movements and control and can be used on land or open waters. 

Dual Line Diamond Stunt Kites

Diamond kites keep up with the innovation by being a part of stunt kites. These kites have the same steering or control functions as delta kites. The dual-line diamond stunt kites are made exactly like the common diamond kite—with a tail. 

The tail ensures the kite is in good balance and stability when in the air. Nevertheless, other manufacturers design diamond stunt kites without the tail while not compromising their strength and efficiency. 


In a nutshell, these four types of stunt kites have their distinct features and function. It’s up to you what you prefer to perform tricks, practice spins, or quick control response. 

The 7 Best Stunt Kites For Adults

Selecting a stunt kite is not an easy job. It has to be accurate and worth every buck. Aside from that, performance, quality materials, and functions are essential when considering a specific stunt kite. In this case, we made sure to gather the best stunt kites that you can own. 

Here are the best stunt kites you can find. All links are to Amazon. 

Prism Kite Technology Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite 

About the item: The Prism Kite Technology Store ensures you can enjoy stunt kite flying at a reasonable price. This dual-line parafoil kite is travel friendly and easy to pack. You can travel with this kite wherever you want to go. This kite offers multiple tricks like spins, dives, and figures 8’s. The product included flying lines, a winder, manuals, and a storage bag. (source)

Price: $55.00

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars and Amazon’s Choice

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎14.72 x 6.81 x 2.44 inches
Package Weight‎0.28 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎53.15 x 5.12 x 3.15 inches
Item Weight‎0.6 Pounds
Brand Name‎Prism Kite Technology
Warranty Description‎Contact PRISM DESIGNS, INC for more information on your kite’s warranty
Model Name‎Synapse 140
Manufacturer‎PRISM DESIGNS, INC.
Part Number‎SYN140
Style‎Synapse 140 – Cilantro (old)
Included Components‎Line, Kite, Storage Bag

Babyeden Large Dual Line Stunt Kite, 84-Inch-Wide Entry

About the item: Babyeden designed the dual-line stunt kite for new pilots. It is easier to manage than smaller stunt kite units, but without sacrificing the fun. The kite has a wide wingspan that makes it convenient to launch. It has a stable flight that is good for beginners. This dual-line stunt kite is made of polyester fabric and durable fiberglass frames. (source)

Price: $35.99

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎36 x 5.3 x 2 inches
Package Weight‎0.54 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎36 x 5.3 x 2 inches
Item Weight‎0.88 Pounds
Brand Name‎Babyeden
Part Number‎4571441

HENGDA KITE-Upgrade Star Rhyme 48 Inch Dual Line Stunt Kite For Kids And Adults

About the item: This kite is made of sturdy rods to maintain the kite’s shape. It is fast and has quick-turning functions. It uses lightweight polyester, which is the best fabric for kites. Despite its large appearance, it is travel-friendly and can take anywhere and anytime. It can also be an excellent gift to your little ones or yourself without breaking the bank. (source)

Price: $18.99

Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars 

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎18.11 x 5.59 x 1.73 inches
Package Weight‎0.27 Kilograms
Manufacturer‎HENGDA KITE
Part Number‎HD-New star

HQ Kites Symphony Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite 51-Inch Dual-Line Sport Kite

About the item: HQ’s dual stunt kites are also good for beginner adults who want to try stunt kite flying without jumping on the more giant kites. You can also use it for advanced tricks and steering. This dual-line sport kite is made of ripstop polyester and can fly for 5 to 31 mph of wind. It included a kite, winder, straps, and a line. (source)

Price: $18.99

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars 

Technical Details

Product Dimensions22 x 51 x 2 inches
Item Weight7 ounces
Item model number11768050
Manufacturer recommended age8 years and up
Batteries1 Unknown batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Release dateFebruary 6, 2019
ManufacturerHQ Kites Toys

REVOLUTION Kites EXP Sport Wing Kite with Reflex Technology (Handles / Line Set / Instruction Manual / 1 Spare Shaft) (Black / Red)

About the item: HQ’s dual stunt kites are also good for beginner adults who would like to try stunt kite flying without jumping on the bigger kites. You can also use it for advanced tricks and steering. This dual-line sport kite is made of ripstop polyester and can fly for 5 to 31 mph of wind. It included a kite, winder, straps, and a line. (source)

Price: $185.00

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars 

Technical Details

Package Dimensions38 x 5 x 2 inches
Item Weight1.35 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age12 years and up
ManufacturerRevolution Kites

In the Breeze Colorwave Stunt Kite – Dual Line Sport Kite

About the item: The Breeze’s stunt kite is a guaranteed stunner with its colorful design. This stunt kite is made of light and durable materials that you’ll surely enjoy without a worry. The base is covered with ripstop polyester and is connected with fiberglass rods. A protective case is included to protect your kite from external damages. (source)

Price: $28.00

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars 

Technical Details

Product Dimensions26 x 48 x 8 inches
Item Weight2.08 ounces
ManufacturerIn The Breeze
Item model number3002
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

Prism Quantum Dual-Line Stunt Kite

About the item: This 7-foot dual stunt kite ensures that you will have a precise and easy way to control your kite in the air. The full-sized wing flies even on lighter winds with an impressive pull when the breeze picks up. This kite can perform advanced tricks with efficient response to control. It has a spine shock absorber system protects your airframe from sudden crashes. (source)

Price: $155.99

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars 

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎36.5 x 7 x 3 inches
Package Weight‎0.68 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎40 x 87 x 4 inches
Item Weight‎709 Grams
Brand Name‎Prism Kite Technology
Warranty Description‎Parts
Model Name‎Quantum 2.0
Suggested Users‎Unisex-adult
Number of Items‎1
Part Number‎QUAG
Model Year‎2020
Included Components‎Low stretch Dyneema lines, winder, flight straps and a handy travel


Here are the best-rated stunt kites that you can find on Amazon. In this section, we walked through different manufacturers or brands. We also provided a brief description of each kite and its technical details that can help you determine the perfect kite for you. There’s no rush, and you can always take time to browse all the listed kites in this section. 

How To Fly A Stunt Kite?

We know! You might have encountered this statement in previous articles, and we’ll repeat it. Kite flying is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It is given that flying a kite is something you should enjoy and not the cause of your stress. Therefore, this section will help you fly a stunt kite and even give tips on adjusting kite bridles. 

Kite Assembly

  • Put together the stunt kite rods. Generally, the stunt kite comes with rods to form its shape. Often, you’ll see two rods with the same height and a few shorter ones. The shorter rods are connected horizontally across the kite. The two longer rods usually serve as the wingspan of the kite—depending on the shape. 
  • Make sure the kite is symmetrical. As mentioned previously, kites differ in shape and size. So, it’s best always to check if the kite is in proper shape. You should evenly assemble the base and frame on every end or side. 
  • Adjust the bridles. You tried flying your kite but to no avail. It is a common issue if the bridles are not adjusted well. If this happens, the first thing you’ll do is to find the bridle attachment point that runs along from the upper spreader to the bottom of the center spine. 


Some rods and bridles vary in size and length because of the kite’s shape. Therefore, make sure that the kite you purchased has a manual or instructions that come with it. It is to avoid confusion on your part when assembling the kite. 

Flying A Stunt Kite

  • Find an open and wide spot. Stunt kites need a lot of movement. Thus, you need to find an open and wide area where you can move around. The place should be obstacle-free with no trees, electric fences, buildings, power lines, or many people. 
  • Check the ideal weather. Always look at the forecast for today to avoid rain or thunderstorms. These weather patterns are not the perfect time for you to fly your kite. Because first, your kite may get damaged from the rain or storm. Then second, you may be put at risk. Therefore, ideal weather should be based on the wind range that your kite can fly into together with sunny skies. 
  • Secure the lines to the harness. Be sure to secure your cables to the kite’s bridle to prevent the kite from flying away. You can secure your lines by unwinding them to loop them around the kite’s bridles. 
  • Unwind your lines. The kite’s lines should be the same length. The best thing you can do is to lay it on the ground. Detangle the lines to avoid any line breakages. 
  • Position and launch the kite. Now that everything is secured, you can place your kite in a good position and then try launching the kite upwards. When flying a kite, slowly step back away from the kite. 

You should point the kite’s nose upwards to prepare for it to launch. Then make big gradual steps to launch and fly it in the air. From there on, raise your hands up and out of your body to control the kite. 


As much as possible, it’s best to avoid running to launch the kite. So, always check the wind pick-up your kite can fly on and the current weather to prevent further risks and damages. When the kite is constantly crashing, adjusting the bridle solves this issue. 


Flying a stunt kite may be a little overwhelming, but practice makes perfect! Don’t worry about failing on your first and more than the second try. Every kite-flier starts at the bottom before they successfully reach greater heights. The essential part is you tried and never stopped, and with this, you’ll surely be able to reach greater heights too! 

And To reach greater heights, you need to choose the best kite for you. You can buy seven brands of stunt kites and four types of stunt kites you can choose from. Simply said, your choices don’t stop at one point only. Finally, never stop persevering for things you want to achieve. 

Remember, stunt kite flying is not an overtime success, just like any other success in our life. What matters is that we are present on our journey, and every trip comes with a destination. Fly your kite and reach fly higher! 


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