HQ Mojo Quad Line Kite Review 2022

Possibly one of the trendiest quad line kites out there, the HQ Mojo turns heads wherever you fly it.

HQ Mojo Specifications:

Wingspan: 222cm

Height: 75cm

Material: Ripstop Nylon

Kite Frame: 6mm Carbon

Kite kit includes: 

Line: Dyneema 50kg x 20 m x 4 on winder + Quad Line Handles

Kite and line carry case

Rated Wind Range: 4 – 17 mph (6 – 27 kmph)

Recommended Age: 12+

Product Description

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The HQ mojo contains a spar whose rods crisscross, making it sturdy and allowing it to absorb impacts when the kite crashes. It makes it ideal as beginners can have several failed attempts at flying without destroying the kite. Once they learn how to handle the kite, however, they will still have the opportunity to enjoy its various features making it perfect for advanced kite flyers as well (source). 

With the mojo, you get total control of the four lines, increasing the number of tricks and movements that one can make. One can quickly achieve a positive angle of attack by creating less tension on the lower lines and more on the upper lines resulting in forwarding movements. 

While reverse movements are almost impossible with single lines, mojo quad lines can switch from a positive to a negative angle of attack resulting in reverse directions. 

Other impressive flying aspects include hovers, spins, and the ability to be flown upside down.

The Items Included With The Purchase Are

  • The mojo quad line kite
  • Storage bag
  • Mojo quad line set and line winder
  • Field manual
  • Instruction card

The product stands out to me because of its controllability. It allows beginners to learn efficiently and boosts their confidence with quad line kites that are supposedly difficult to master. 

It also has an impressive ability to withstand crashes without spars’ breakage, which is a common occurrence when framed kites hit the ground. 

Who Makes It?

HQ mojo quad line kite is an HQ kite and designs USA products. HQ kites have been in existence for more than 20 years, making high-quality wind spinners, single line kites, power kites, and sports kites within that time. 

The national distribution company provides performance and recreational kites for children and adults. The company has an international background and utilizes its highly skilled networks of engineers and designers to develop unique, high-quality products.

Factors To Consider Before Kite Purchase


The quality of a kite plays an essential role and determines how well the kite will react to usage and its lifespan. Therefore, choosing its quality is a priority before purchasing a kite online from individual sellers or shops (Source). 

One way to do this is by checking the material of the kite. Additionally, kite buyers should take a second step and check for reviews to determine the experience of other kite flyers with the kite. 

Manufacturer Reputation

Is the manufacturer known to produce high-quality kites? If yes, you should likely go with that kite. Companies that have been in existence for a long time have built several kites, received different types of feedback, and have most likely worked on fixing any issues on previous models. It is unlike new market entrants (Source). 

Ease Of Assembly

Parafoil kites lack frames; therefore, they do not require assembly. Kites like the HQ mojo quad line require spars to be extremely sturdy. Thus, the assembly process should be easy enough, even for beginner kite flyers. It prevents time wastage on assembly and increases the time spent flying a kite. 

HQ Mojo Quad Line Kite Features And Benefits

Here is a detailed look into the features and benefits of the HQ Mojo quad line kite (Source). 

Crisscrossing Spar Configuration

Most kite flyers may be hesitant about this quad line kite, mainly if they are used to flying single lines and dual lines. Unlike foil kites, the HQ mojo features a unique spar that creates a leading edge that is very sturdy and absorbs the impacts. 

It makes it ideal for kite flyers who are new to flying quad line kites. They can fly with both confidence and assurance because of the additional support to the kites. It also ensures that the kite has an excellent angle to the wind.

Offers Total Control Of Lines

With the HQ mojo quad line kite, kite flyers have total control of the kite and can easily make various kite moves. The control handles come in handy in ensuring that the kite is well steered. Kite flyers no longer have to restrict themselves to forward movements offered by most kites with fewer lines. Instead, they can enjoy forward, reverse, spins, and hovers. 

Additionally, they get to enjoy quick stops. It can be helpful both when trying out various maneuvers and avoiding accidents. Kites can ram into obstacles such as trees, leading to kite destruction. The quick response of the quad line kite can help prevent such damages. 

Removable Windbreaks

The HQ mojo quad line also has windbreaks that are removable. It plays a significant role in controlling speed. This feature also makes handling the kite easier, once again making the kite favorable for beginners. 

It minimizes the kite’s speed, allowing newbies to make various kite movements tactfully. Additionally, wind brakes assist in the slowing down of wind impact on kites, particularly when the wind speeds are incredible. 

However, it is always advisable to check for wind speeds of the location one intends to fly in before taking the kite out. It is to prevent any accidents from taking place. Weather apps on phones and computers help in determining this. 

However, it is also possible to study how light or firm the winds are by looking at various elements in one’s surroundings. For example, the swaying of flags and rustling of leaves is an indication that the wind speed is favorable for flying. Trees swaying, however, indicates that the wind is too strong. 

Benefits Of Removable Windbreakers

The fact that the wind brakes are removable means that one can remove them when in lighter winds and still comfortably fly a kite. Also, it can be detached means that advanced flyers can enjoy fast turns and spins. Once beginners become accustomed to flying the quad kite, they can also make this transition and fly without the brakes. 

The removable wind brake feature makes this quad line kite attractive to a larger kite flying audience as it is not limited to high wind speeds or low wind speeds only. Other fixed wind brakes are only suitable for particular wind speeds. They are limiting the number of kite flyers who can utilize them. 

Framed With High Strength Carbon Fiber

The kite is not only strong but assures its long-lasting abilities compared to spars made of wood and bamboo. Such frames are highly likely to absorb water and swell, reducing their lifespan. 

However, with carbon fiber frames, kite flyers can use their frames for extended periods, minimizing the need for replacements and saving costs. 

Made From Ripstop Nylon Sail

The quad line kite uses one of the best sail materials. It is the ripstop nylon. Generally, the material used on kite sails plays a significant role in how kites fly. Therefore, choosing a good kite sail ensures that kite flyers get the most out of their kite flying sessions.

There are various benefits that kite flyers enjoy from the ripstop nylon sail. They include;

  • Lightweight

Thanks to its lightweight, launching the kite is made easier. It is opposed to if the material used was heavier, which would increase the kite’s weight and consequently slow down the kite response. 

  • Strong

While you can use various materials for kite sails, not all of them are necessarily strong. It can make them less forgiving when they experience substantial impacts on the ground or other obstacles. Therefore, you cannot compare the ripstop nylon sail to materials such as newspaper because of its robust nature. 

  • Durable

The ripstop nylon sail is a solid material, and, therefore, you can trust this kite to last for a long time. Also, with proper maintenance, it is not easily prone to wear and tear. 

Product Performance

While looking to see the overall reaction of customers towards this kite, I realized that majority of the buyers recommend this kite. On Amazon, the quad line kite received 28 global ratings, out of which the overall rating was 4.4 out of 5 stars (Source).

According to kite flyers, the kite is beautiful and appealing to look at, making it an eye-catcher when flying around other kite operators. Also, the kite is forgiving, especially since beginners are bound to crash the kite more even if they have experience with dual-line kites. The instruction manual also serves as an excellent guide on what to do and how to handle the kite. 

How To Distinguish Power Lines And Brake Lines?

You can easily distinguish the power lines, and brake lines as their ends have different colors. Therefore, it prevents any confusion when putting the kite together. No issues were experienced during kite assembly. Setting up the kite was both fast and easy. The assembly starts with putting the rods together and attaching the lines and the control handles. During their sessions, kite flyers with the mojo quad line kite can enjoy various kite flying tricks. 

According to other kite flyers of the HQ mojo quad line kite, it is best if new owners get a ground stake to assist with keeping this kite grounded.  

Transitioning Of Kite Lines

Most kite flyers who opted for the HQ mojo quad line kite had already worked with two liners. It made the transition more straightforward than if they had started with single lines and skipped to four/-line kites. While the change was more manageable, it could also bring new and exciting maneuvers such as the reverse movements. 

Various clients, however, had concerns with the packaging. While they praised the kite material for being high quality, they had problems with the conditions in which their items arrived. For example, the bridle wasn’t symmetrical, and the kite wasn’t well stretched. 

Alternative Quad Kites To Consider

In the absence of the HQ mojo quad line kite, you can use other kites in its place. These include the HQ easy quad, the HQ meteor, and the Revolution reflex xx. 

HQ Easy Quad

The HQ easy quad kite is quite affordable for a quad line kite, making it favorable for those looking for a quad line kite on a budget. This aspect has also encouraged purchase considering most quad line kites are expensive. 

Its cheap nature doesn’t take away from its quality, and it offers its flyers a tremendous kiting experience with moments likely to be remembered for years to come. Thanks to its maneuverability, these include front flips, back flips, looping, and other direction changes. 

This kite is also made from ripstop nylon making it high quality and durable. Beginners will appreciate the kite’s high crash ability like the HQ mojo. The kite can withstand the various falls before beginners can expertly control it.

HQ Meteor Squad

The HQ meteor squad is also in the HQ kite family. It offers impressive forward and reverses movements, spins, and hovers. This kite is relatively calm and provides an ease in controllability even when forming various figures while flying. These captivating performances make it inviting and attract more people to it. 

Kite flying is all about mastering kites and finding new ones that offer new challenges. The HQ meteor squad provides exactly that to new entrants to the quad line kiting community. While flying two-line kites provides a great idea of how to fly, kite flyers will require a versatile companion such as the HQ meteor quad to make the transition easier and fun. 

But this kite is not limited to beginners alone. Even expert kite flyers will enjoy the kite’s various features, such as how much control it offers. Its coloring design makes it easy to distinguish from other HQ kite models. The color combinations include red, black, and white. However, this kite is restricted to children under the age of 12.

Revolution Reflex XX

The revolution reflex xx is different because it’s the only one not in the HQ kite family. Also, it is a bit pricier; however, it’s worth the try. This kite comes in red or blue and uses carbon fiber. It is more suitable for adults. One of its unique features is the reflex frame which contains a push system that ensures the kite sail is tense. 

Revolution kites have been in the industry for a very long time and are known to be the pioneers of quad line kites. The business that has been in existence for more than 30 years started in 1988. It is a family business founded by three Hadzicki brothers. 

Revolution kites work towards the production of quality kites. In 2010 they were inducted into the world kite museum hall of fame. In 2013, they received the David Checkley Lifetime Contribution award.

Final Thoughts

The HQ mojo quad line kite is excellent for anyone who wants to fly into the quad line kite. The kite is kind enough to forgive the novice crashes, encouraging the kite flyers to remain on their lines and attempt to get it right. 

The product quality is superb, with the various parts made from high-quality material. However, children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to handle this kite. Also, parents or instructors should supervise the children permitted to operate this kite when starting. 

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